Not every Brit gets to benefit from lowered insurance rates


Most motorists are celebrating lowered car insurance rates, but the good times aren’t universal – the majority of younger Brits are still feeling the pain.

It’s true that on average car insurance companies are charging their customers less. The Association of British Insurers says that their figures indicate prices dropped by 9 percentage points over the course of 2013 to an amazingly low £370.

This is of course absolutely smashing news in general, especially for that mythical ‘average motorist’ that gets charged this paltry amount. However, most Brits fall somewhere else on the scale – and the big losers have remained once again younger drivers. In fact, things have remained so cripplingly expensive – and cheap car insurance for young drivers has remained so out of reach – that an increasing number of parents are actually committing fraud to get their children on the road.

The fraud involves a parent declaring that their child is a secondary driver on a family vehicle yet allowing the child to use the car exclusively. The premiums charged to the parent reflect that the younger driver is supposedly not the full-time motorist, making it much less expensive, even though that’s not the case; it’s called ‘fronting’ and it’s actually quite illegal.

Fronting can be quite dangerous because if it’s uncovered it can invalidate the insurance cover completely. All that has to happen is an accident to occur whilst the younger Brit is behind the wheel to get a car insurance firm suspicious – and if there’s an investigation it could be all over.

So in other words these ‘fantastically low’ car insurance rates are only low for a select few drivers. Younger Brits are still left high and dry by insurers, which makes me scoff at the new ultra-low averages that organisations like the ABI like to trot out as evidence that the insurance industry cares about its customers and is interested in providing them good deals.

Sadly, sometimes the only thing that will provide younger Brits with better insurance rates is the passage of time. The sooner you reach your mid-twenties the quicker your premiums will drop, but that’s cold comfort for any teenager with a brand-new licence and no way to earn the thousands of pounds it takes to insure their new car. Terribly unfair if you ask me!

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