Dishonest motorists caught while UK’s worst driver goes free


So this week was all about how dishonest motorists are being caught by the dozens when it comes to car insurance fraud – but bad drivers apparently go free.

There’s a serious problem in the UK – or at least you’ll be told it’s serious by car insurance companies that are concerned about their bottom line. That problem is motor car insurance fraud, as it’s costing insurers heaven knows how much a year. These cost increases get passed on to us customers in the form of higher premiums, so it follows that it’s in our best interest to catch these fraudsters and get them off the roadways, right?

Well there’s been a lot of success with this lately, especially as this week a major firm revealed how it’s spent the last 12 months recovering something upwards of £37 million from scammers. Well done, them, eh? Great news, means less money going into the pockets of criminals and less price hikes because there’s not as much fraud going around as before.

Yet somehow there seems to be some sort of breakdown in communication, or at least in intent, because there’s another noteworthy story this week – and it’s about how some bloke from Liverpool has set the new record for number of licence penalty points. This magnificent bastard has a total of 45 points on his licence – three more than the previous record which was set in 2012 – but the truly remarkable thing is that he’s still permitted to get behind the wheel and drive about despite the fact that he’s objectively got to be the worst driver in the UK right now.

Now, normal motorists like you and I end up being banned from driving if we end up with 12 points within a period of three years, but apparently there are ways around this requirement in some cases. In fact if you can prove that you would suffer from ‘exceptional hardship’ from being disqualified from driving, you can be permitted to keep your licence. Apparently some 8,000 Brits have qualified for such a dispensation, despite the fact that it’s quantifiable that these people are absolutely terrible motorists and have no business in the driver’s seat.

45 points – can you believe it? I sure wouldn’t want to be him when it comes time to renew his insurance cover though – I’ll wager there won’t be an company out there that’s going to provide him anything even approaching cheap car insurance!

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