Self-driving cars? Rolling wardrobes? What’s going on here?


Ppeople would buy a self-driving car to get a break on their insurance or turn their vehicles into rolling wardrobes if they could. Heaven knows why.

Listen, I know times are bad out there right now when it come down to finding cheap car insurance options, but if you really think trading in your existing car for one that does the driving for you is a good idea, you’ve been out in the sun for too long. Of course, that’s exactly what 90 per cent of people said in a survey by a car insurance comparison site recently, remarking that if the offer was to cut their car insurance rates by 80 per cent just for placing their lives in the hands of some robot chauffeur, they’d jump at the chance.

Are we that hard up for good deals from car insurance companies that we’re willing to give up our autonomy and simply be driven about by automated cars? I mean the idea is appealing on a science-fiction level, but in truth it sounds bloody horrid.

Of course, it makes sense for many people since they’re using their cars as rolling wardrobes already. In fact, another news story revealed how many drivers – mostly women – stash clothes, accessories, and other sundry items in their vehicle. More than half of the women surveyed actually said that there’s so many clothes, shoes, and spare beauty accessories like hair straighteners it’s like a beauty salon in the back seat.

I suppose in a way it makes sense that a majority of women keep their hair and beauty supplies in their cars, and in the same breath the majority of Brits would happily trade in their autonomy for a self-driving car if it meant cheaper car insurance. I suppose the female drivers from both surveys would be thrilled to slip into the back seat where they could put on their makeup with impunity, not having to worry about causing some terrible accident because their eyes weren’t on the road. Come to think of it, I somehow doubt these women were worrying about that in the first place.

And before you get all up in arms about misogyny, men can and are just as distracted behind the wheel between drinking coffee, eating some terrible greasy food they picked up at a garage forecourt, or talking on their mobile phones. But unless you’re Eddie Izzard, most men don’t put on their bloody makeup in heavy traffic!

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