Fraud wrecks young drivers, but police strike back


More and more fraudsters are targeting younger Brits as easy marks for scams, but policeĀ are stepping up their efforts to catch these criminal bastards.

There’s altogether too much car insurance fraud going on right now, and sadly the nation’s youngest drivers are the ones bearing the brunt of the pain and suffering. Cheap car insurance for young drivers is so hard to come by nowadays that younger motorists will jump at any chance they see for more affordable cover, and the result is that they’re being taken for a ride by predatory scammers.

The most common type of motor car insurance fraud – and the one that scammers are using to target younger Brits – is ghost broking, which involves so-called car insurance brokers taking cash from drivers with a promise that they will receive car cover in return, only to have these criminals provide forged insurance credentials to their victims before they take the money and run. The worst part about this scam is it leaves younger Brits completely clueless to the fact that they’ve been taken – it’s not until they’re stopped by police or involved in a car accident that the truth is revealed.

It’s an absolutely terrible thing to do to a person, yet it seems to be happening more and more lately. It makes me sick to my stomach to know these young drivers are being taken advantage of in this way – which is why it’s so good to hear that the police are cracking down on the practice. In fact, one of the largest ghost broking scams was recently broken up by police, with the mastermind being thrown in jail.

Some 600 drivers were victimised by Danyal Buckharee between May of 2011 and April of 2012 as he provided falsified insurance documents in return for the cold hard cash of his victims. This crafty, clever bastard made more than half a million pounds through his efforts, but now he’s facing a combined seven and a half year prison sentence for his sins.

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke if you ask me. I hope this ends up being a lesson to other would-be scammers out there: leave younger drivers alone or you’ll end up like Buckharee. I’m sure you can share a jail cell with him if you really want.

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