Because insurance cover isn’t expensive enough right now?


One of the biggest problems we have right now when it comes to car insurance rates is how much fraud hikes our premium prices – and it’s a serious one indeed.

Fraud hikes our rates as car insurance companies scramble to bring in enough revenue to cover their legal costs, and it usually takes the form of bastards faking accidents or injuries. A good example of this kind of behaviour is how a firefighter from Wigan actually torched his own vehicle in order to make a claim against his insurance, though the bloke blessedly got caught.

He actually had quite a detailed conspiracy to defraud, according to court documents. He had an accomplice call in a false claim of a fire, causing the firefighter to respond (and giving him an alibi) while the accomplice then went round and set his car alight. I’m just glad that no one got hurt – I swear this madman needs to be locked up for the whole stupid idea.

Of course it’s not just car insurance customers that perpetrate fraud, though it is the most common. The more reprehensible type of insurance fraud actually comes from within the system – like the story of how more than £40,000  was stolen from one company by a crafty claims handler.

The claims handler went around finding legitimate claims and went through with adding his mates to the claims as beneficiaries, resulting in massive payouts to his friends. Of course the rest of the customers of the insurance company had to foot the bill for this man’s clever if completely immoral and unethical approach to getting his hands on a few extra quid.

Of course this fine upstanding citizen was caught red-handed, but let’s be honest: the damage has already been done. Your premium payments have gone up as a result of the activity of people like that – people that are so obsessed with making money in whatever way they are that they don’t care what laws they break or who they may end up hurting in the end.

Honestly what is wrong with people? Has everyone forgotten the whole idea of ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you?” It’s like people are only out for themselves nowadays, which is a true shame.


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