The government knows best? Pull the other one.


So here we go: the government thinks it knows the best way to make roads safer both here at home and across the eurozone, despite the impact on actual drivers!

First off, did you know that the EU wants to do something about the number of car accidents that occur on roads in Europe? Well of course they do – not only do some 30,000 people die every year, 1.5 million end up with injuries, and between the human costs of such accidents and the cost to car insurance companies, making European roads safer is definitely a win-win scenario.

Of course the EU is going about in completely the wrong way. No, they’re not trying to lower the speed limit – instead they want to make it compulsory to fit cars in the eurozone with technology called ‘Intelligent Speed Adaptation,’ which would wrest control from your car and slam on your brakes whenever you exceeded the speed limit.

You know I don’t even think this would help save lives or reduce high car insurance rates all that much. Certainly not in the UK, where the road accident figures are much lower than they are in places like France – and who’s to say that this won’t cause more accidents when you’re trying to overtake a slow-moving car on a road with a low speed limit?

Well don’t worry – not all the stupid ideas have come from the continent this week. In fact there are three large cities in the UK that are considering ways to improve their air quality in their city centres, but they’re all thinking about placing restrictions on what types of vehicles that will be allowed within.

Unless you’ve got a zero emissions vehicle or one with almost ludicrously low emissions, there’s a good chance that you won’t be welcome in city centres such as London if these initiatives go forward. Well good luck finding a way into the city if you live outside of major public transport links and you’ve got the kind of vehicle that doesn’t have the best carbon emissions. But don’t worry – the Government is looking out for your health, even though they’re not particularly concerned if you get to work every morning or not. Then again, what else is new?

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