Drivers will do anything to save on their motoring costs


Listen, I know times are tough out there, but that’s no excuse to go cutting corners when it comes to keeping your car on the road – it’s dangerous and stupid!

Trust me, I get it: a litre of petrol currently costs an arm and a leg, and you’d sometimes be better off taking out another mortgage on your home than trying to find cheap car insurance, but you can’t go about pulling stupid stunts in an effort to save some cash. What kind of stupid stunts? Well, new research recently revealed that Brits are lying to their car insurance companies in droves in an attempt to drive down their premium prices.

Do you know what happens if your insurer finds out you gave them ‘inaccurate’ details? Your cover gets invalidated, and it doesn’t matter if it was an honest mistake or it was done on purpose – you’re pretty much up the river if you get into an accident and your insurer invalidates your car insurance cover.

There could be some 2.4 million Brits driving around with invalid insurance right now, according to the research. Around 8 per cent actually admitted to misleading their insurers, and six out of every ten of those 8 per cent said they did it expressly to get a better price quote.

While this is an absolutely bad idea, it’s not the only way drivers try to save some cash. It’s an even worse idea to get behind the wheel without a valid MOT certificate, yet another independent research study found that there are shedloads of motorists doing just that.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders discovered that more than two out of every three survey respondents made the admission that they drove with an invalid MOT for a week or less. Now this doesn’t seem terrible when you look at the face of it – sometimes things just slip away from you and you forget to take your car into the garage – but things get less acceptable when the rest of the figures roll in: 24 per cent took up to a month to get their new MOT, while a startling 7 per cent took up to six months to get it done!

Not only is this an expensive proposition if you get caught, but let’s be honest: you’re putting your own safety and the safety of others at risk. There’s a reason that the MOT is a requirement, people; motoring about in a poorly maintained car that could develop a fault and cause an accident at a moment’s notice is just a bad, bad idea.

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