Lord, save us from horrid insurers


Does it ever feel like car insurance companies out there are just trying to knock you on the head and start going through your wallet while you’re passed out?

Maybe it’s just me, but when I hear about how an insurer quoted a driver a motor car insurance policy that costs an exorbitant amount, I just die a little inside. Recently I heard about how some poor 27 year old bloke with a £1,400 Vauxhall Corsa was quoted a price well over £1 million for a year’s worth of comprehensive cover.

I know you’re thinking that surely this man must be the worst driver in the world, but honestly he’s just a regular bloke. Sure, he’s only got two years of driving experience under his belt – and this would drive his car insurance rates up a bit – but to £1.2 million? There’s no way you can justify something like that – especially when he’s driving a car that would probably be worth more as parts than a complete vehicle.

What kind of world is this that we just allow bastards like this to operate? How can you possibly justify a ridiculously high quote in any way, shape or form? I swear if I could only afford a Vauxhall Corsa I certainly wouldn’t be able to pay a million pounds for car insurance!

Of course not every insurer is created equal, and most drivers can find at least a relatively inexpensive quote if they use an insurance comparison site. Well, there’s a new contender on that front: internet giant Google has launched their own comparison site.

Well it’s not Google directly – about two years ago, the search engine specialists actually bought a UK-based firm with an eye to getting into the market themselves. To that end, the actual inner workings of the site is still being run by the original firm and it’s just been re-branded as a Google service; it’s outsourcing at its finest, I suppose.

So this could be an excellent opportunity you’re thinking, right? Google is known for providing high-quality products and services at competitive prices, and the UK motorist could absolutely use some relief in this area. Well, guess again – even though the firm running the service for Google is based in the UK, the site is exclusively for French motorists.

I don’t know why but this drives me absolutely mad. What in the world is Google thinking with their plan? Let’s get some love here at home, already!


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