Costs dropping for drivers across the board


Finally it’s a good time to be a motorist: the costs of keeping a car are finally beginning to drop to less maddening levels!

In a move that I can only characterise as ‘it’s about damned time,’ news broke this week that car insurance rates are dropping faster than a stone for the first time in a long time. The AA’s motor car insurance arm said that this month, the cost of the average comprehensive quote dropped to £594.84 – nearly a 10 per cent drop year-on-year.

Never in the 20 years’ history of the AA insurance index has the price dropped so precipitously, and the motoring organisation said that the reason behind the fantastic drop was due in part to new regulations that have driven claims management companies out of business and clamped down on fraud.

It’s good news as far as I’m concerned, but let’s not break out the champagne just yet – it’s still pretty damned expensive to own a car in the UK at the moment, especially when you compare prices today to back where they were in 2007, back before the economy went down the toilet. Still I think it’s a good start – and there was more news this week that is sure to be welcomed by harried motorists.

In a rare move, the Conservative government actually came forward with a new plan to make the lives of Brits easier by relaxing parking restrictions. Under the new proposal, you’d be allowed to park on a double-yellow line for as long as 15 minutes at a time before becoming subject to a parking fine.

The new plan is actually an idea to revitalise the currently moribund state of high streets across the country, which are woefully bereft of activity due to a combination of overzealous parking enforcement and online shopping. It makes sense – who’s going to risk having to pay some ridiculously high parking penalty when they can simply click their mouse a few times and get their shop done without any risk?

Hopefully this new plan will go forward and we can all look forward to a bit of a respite from high parking fines, though. I know I’d be more inclined to stop in at the corner shop if I knew I wasn’t going to end up having to pay through the nose because I wanted a Cornetto or a fizzy drink – what about you?

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