Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more expensive


Finding cheap car insurance is almost impossible right now, and it seems like there’s nothing but bad news for struggling motorists this week.

Firstly, that proud bastion of cheap insurance rates, the price comparison website, has come under fire for massive price fluctuations, and not just by a little bit – according to consumer campaigners Which? you could end up missing out on as much as £1,500 of savings if you don’t shop around! This is pretty egregious, if you ask me; for what it’s worth, I understand how there’s going to be some variation between comparison sites since they don’t all partner with the same car insurance companies, but that’s a serious bit of cash we’re talking about here!

Younger drivers once more lost out big here, Which? said, as the same 22 year old motorist saw prices ranging between a low of around £750 and a high of nearly £2,300! So much for cheap car insurance for young drivers – you’ll be lucky to have enough cash left over to fill your petrol tank after you shell out thousands of pounds for a year’s worth of insurance cover.

And speaking of rising motoring costs, here’s some bad news for you: the government is going to review parking fine caps outside the capital. You know what that means as well as I do – we’re likely to see caps increase, though to his credit Transport Secretary Norman Baker didn’t come right out and admit such.

Still, Mr Baker did say that the difference between parking penalties in London – which can be as costly as £130 – have fallen out of step with the rest of the country, which only pays a maximum £70 fine. This charge has remained static for several years, the Transport Secretary said, and this makes me think that the government’s going to hike the rates up  so they’re closer to each other, much to the chagrin of anyone living outside the capital!

Now you don’t need me to sit here and tell you how terrible this would be for the majority of Brits. Yes, I can hear all you Londoners right now: ‘We’ve been living with it for years – it’s your turn now!’ but let’s be honest – if you live or work in the capital, you’re most likely earning more than someone out in the regions, which means that you can afford to pay a parking penalty much more readily than someone else! £70 isn’t exactly chump change for anyone, you know.

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