When it comes to premium prices, everything drives them up


Premium prices for even cheap car insurance keep soaring ever higher, it seems – and there’s little we can do to stop this inexorable rise I’m afraid!

Young motorists have it the worst on many counts, especially since cheap car insurance for young drivers is more or less nonexistent. However, a new research study I just read this week makes the suggestion that since the price of car insurance for younger Brits is so high, they can only afford older, less safe cars which crash more often – and work to raise their premiums even higher!

Car maker Alfa Romeo says that nearly one out of every two new younger motorists feel as if they have no choice but to purchase an older motor in order to have enough cash left over to afford insurance cover. Meanwhile, these older cars are less reliable and more unsafe than modern motors, which leads to a higher incidence of car accidents and contributes to the reputation of younger drivers being more dangerous on the road.

Meanwhile these younger drivers are only buying these older, less safe cars because they can’t afford both a brand new motor and to pay thousands of pounds for an annual insurance premium. It’s patently unfair if you ask me, and nearly two out of every three of those surveyed by Alfa Romeo agree with me, so I know it’s not just me!

While younger drivers can’t be blamed for their age and inexperience – we were all young once after all – there are some Brits that are making things worse not just for themselves but the rest of us due to their actions. In fact, a new survey released this week from a major car insurance comparison site found that insurance costs for those caught driving under the influence soar by more than 100 per cent!

Drink driving convictions raise your premium price by around 121 per cent on average upon renewal, the research study discovered. This doesn’t even come to approach the damage done by drink drivers that cause accidents, as the hundreds of thousands of pounds in property damage and life-changing injuries that can be caused by one drink driver careering out of control is simply astronomical.

Let’s not forget that car insurance companies have to pay out claims on these drink drivers, and this makes insurance premiums rocket not just for the one at fault but for the rest of us as well. So do us all a favour and stay at home if you’ve had a few too many pints at your neighbourhood barbecue!

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