Young motorists need to shop smart to get the best deals


If you’re a younger driver and you’re trying to find cheap car insurance, I ran across some interesting news this week that could help you out quite a bit!

First of all, did you know that if you’re under the age of 40 you’re better off getting fully comprehensive cover than you would be if you purchased third party motor car insurance? It’s true, and I didn’t even know it; car insurance companies would actually prefer younger drivers to have fully comp cover in order to be better protected in the event of an accident, mostly because young drivers tend to be a bit more accident prone due to inexperience, so insurers have made it less expensive overall to take out comprehensive cover than third party insurance, despite the fact that the latter actually offers less cover.

Now, just because you’re getting a good rate on comprehensive cover doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to get a good deal, though. Cheap car insurance for young drivers is notoriously hard to find, even if you’re the most careful motorist to get behind the wheel since the invention of the horseless carriage, but there are still ways to control your costs if you simply keep some other things in mind.

In fact, I read a news story this week that discussed how drivers that wait until the last minute to renew their cover can end up paying more than someone who renews a week or so beforehand. A research study done by a major car insurance comparison website found out that insurers will absolutely increase your premium price quote if you ring them up or go to their website on the day of renewal.

It’s quite simple, really: insurers have you over a barrel at that point and you know it. You need to get your insurance renewed before the day is out, so they can more or less charge you whatever they like, and many younger motorists have found this out the hard way after their first year of car ownership. Not only that, but many insurers will justify their rate hikes by claiming that anyone who waits to the last minute to renew their cover is most likely disorganised and a bit scatterbrained – and that’s not exactly an attractive quality to have when you’re overtaking vehicles on UK motorways, now is it?

So do yourself a serious favour and make sure you get your renewal sorted at least a week or so before the deadline if you want to get a more affordable price quote. And don’t just auto-renew your policy with your existing provider, either – that could be even more expensive!

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