Fraud: a serious problem that costs you money on renewal


If you can’t find cheap car insurance, rampant fraud is most likely to blame – and two news stories this week illustrate exactly why and how this is happening.

Nobody wants to pay through the nose for their motor car insurance – I know I certainly don’t – but it seems like there are fewer and fewer car insurance companies willing to provide competitive quotes nowadays. I used to be confused as to why this was happening but the news has been full of stories as to why this happens; one such story revealed how as many as 6 out of every 10 whiplash claims are either made by stretching the truth considerably or by outright making it up completely.

Insurers have to deal with some 1,500 whiplash claims on a daily basis, and more and more people are using these claims as a way to get rich quick by netting huge personal injury compensation payouts, despite the fact that no injuries actually occurred. The survey found that more than one out of every four claimants exaggerated their injuries in order to increase their payout, while another 10 per cent said they just made a story up out of whole cloth to maximise their money.

It’s bloody frustrating to know that people are doing this, especially when all these increased court costs drive up the insurance premiums of honest drivers like you and me. Still, it could be worse – there could be organised rings of criminals making out with hundreds of thousands of pounds in ill-gotten gains.

Oh, wait, there are, aren’t they? Well, these bastards do get caught quite often, thank goodness – just as two blokes from Mersey got nicked for scamming some £187,000 out of their insurers.

These two fine upstanding young lads Daniel Wilson and James Edwards, both 20 years of age, took out fraudulent insurance policies worth thousands and then found some way to spoof the insurance providers’ websites into only paying a pittance – the two actually only forked over around £30 in total, believe it or not!

They might have thought they were very clever, but their luck ran out when the police discovered the fraud at a routine traffic stop. Now they’re both in hot water for their fraud – and I can’t think of a more fitting fate for these bastards that have been running up our insurance costs with what they thought was impunity!

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