Car sales, risk of drink driving both on the increase this summer

CAR insurance news roundup: 7 days ending 12 June 2013:

What a week: just as we finally get some good news in that car sales are on the increase, we get the warning that drink driving could be as well!

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders finally had something to crow about after announcing May’s car sale figures of more than 180,000 for the month. This wasn’t just an 11 per cent increase year-on-year, the SMMT said – it actually approaches pre-recession sales levels.

This is simply brilliant news, especially when it comes to pricing motor car insurance. You wouldn’t think so, considering that more new cars leads to higher levels of demand, but this could actually lead to cheaper overall rates as car insurance companies increase their efforts to remain competitive with the influx of new prospective customers – especially since all these new vehicle owners will doubtlessly want comprehensive motor cover.

This trend may continue over this month if you ask me, what with plenty of motor manufacturers offering excellent financing rates and special pricing deals. The summer motoring season is in full swing after all, so it seems to me that this is a brilliant time to pick up a new vehicle of your own and find some cheaper car insurance as well.

Of course, there’s a black cloud to this silver lining in the fact that the government fears that incidences of drink driving are bound to increase this summer. I have no idea whether this is a result of more people on the roads or just a relatively low opinion of the average British motorist, but whatever the reasoning the government has invested some £740,000 in a campaign to clamp down on the dangerous activity by increasing the number of traffic stops over the summer months.

Some of that cash will go to running radio adverts and online videos in order to let motorists know just what you could be in store for if you end up getting caught drink driving. In addition to running the risk of your licence getting taken away from you, a drink driving offence can wreak havoc with your car insurance rates, as it’s going to be very hard to find an insurer interested in providing cover to someone who has been found guilty of driving over the legal limit.

In fact, you should be incredibly grateful if your insurer doesn’t drop you completely when it comes to renewal time and simply charges you an arm and a leg. To be honest you more or less deserve the rough treatment in my opinion, considering there’s fewer dangerous behaviours than getting behind the wheel with one too many pints in you.

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