Crime and insurance rates linked to one another


If you think your car insurance rates are bad, things could always be worse depending if you live in a high-crime area or not!

In fact, just be glad you don’t live in Leeds, considering that a recent survey found that motorists in this area of the UK are incredibly likely to be victimised by car crimes. This drives up their motor car insurance premiums to unbelievable levels as a result, making it a very expensive place to keep a vehicle!

Over the past two years, the number of car insurance claims made for vehicle vandalism or outright theft of items left in the car (or the car itself!) was more than 1,100, according to the new study. This was found to be one of the highest rates in the entire country, giving metropolitan areas such as London a run for their money; just for comparison, one of the more safe regions in terms of car crimes, Harrogate, only had 57 instances of theft or vandalism across some 28,000 quotes.

The car insurance comparison firm that conducted the research found that there were plenty of areas in the UK that there were higher proportions of car crime-related insurance claims, that didn’t necessarily mean crime rates were higher there; it could also be a question of a large number of people parking their vehicles on the street, which to car thieves is the equivalent of dangling a big fat juicy steak in front of a hungry dog.

Meanwhile, some people don’t make it that much easier for themselves when it comes to breaking the law when it comes to cars. In fact, one woman was recently caught out in a major lie – she made the erroneous claim that she had a full driving licence, all in order to secure cheaper car insurance, but now that the truth has come out she’s been slapped with a driving ban.

57 year old Patricia Anne Shannon, who only held a provisional licence but had claimed otherwise in order to get a better rate quote from her insurer, found her duplicity exposed at a routine traffic stop. She was dragged into North Devon Magistrates’ Court to face the music, and while the presiding magistrate was sympathetic to her reasons behind the prevarication – Ms Shannon needed the car to keep her job, she claimed, as her marriage had broken down and she had been trying very hard to care for her children on her own – the court ultimately decided to hand out a one year driving ban and fine the woman some £65 plus costs.

Of course, her insurer is most likely not going to be pleased with her either. I wouldn’t want to be her when she renews her insurance next year!

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