As if your job wasn’t bad enough it could be raising your car insurance

Car insurance can be a minefield. There are so many dynamic aspects upon which car insurers base your premium, it’s a wonder you know where to begin.

You’d assume that your job role was one of the cast iron elements about a car insurance quote that, if it made a difference at all, it wouldn’t signify that much of a change.

However, even getting the wording wrong can have an effect; we show you what to avoid to keep your premium as low as possible.

Choosing the right job role to reduce your car insurance premium

Your job title is one of the key rating factors when it comes to your insurance renewal premium.

Whether you’re speaking to an agent face to face or are looking to get a cheaper deal on your car insurance online, the respective insurer will have a very specific rate appertaining directly to what you do for a living.

As well as having their own catalogue of disasters upon which they can base their experience, there will be industry-standard statistical models that will also affect your quote.

Some jobs just come with reputations that encourage high premiums

Certain professions get breaks or stereotypical assumptions are made about them depending upon the perception of attitude it’s assumed either sector has towards their vehicle or driving as a whole.

Motor hazards assumes this perception and will be reflected in the price of car insurance quote directly. A student will be judged more harshly, for example, than a member of the constabulary or a lawyer.

Journalists are also appraised as having high risk. It makes sense that the higher the risk, the higher the premium. And premiums don’t deviate from that maxim, if at all.

The bad rap that journalists get stems from multiple channels. They have to go to stories; newsworthy events are highly unlikely to happen on their doorstep all of the time.

Should journalists be conducting interviews with famous or nearly famous people, the risk of a large payout in the event of an accident increases, therefore so does the premium.

The atmosphere in which these interviews are carried out, or where journalists are perceived to go to get their information, is usually conducive to mixing with alcohol. Another huge rating factor for a high premium.

Celebrity passengers can lead to a hefty car insurance quote

The threat of carrying a celebrity also attracts the risk of association. With everyone having the opportunity to become a household name over night (or so it seems), it’s not surprising that such a risk is extremely high.

Take footballers, for example. Should they suffer an injury to their leg that rules them out of action, the payout to cover wages would be astronomical.

Unfortunately, how good celebrities are behind the wheel has little to do with the premiums they pay. The more renowned they are, the more they’re worth, the higher the premium.

Cars used for work are instant targets for insurers

Another high-ranking factor is instigated when the car itself is used for work and not just a means to get the driver to where they’re supposed to be.

Builders, labourers and sparkies can all have tools in their car or van worth in excess of four figures.

As many building sites are left unguarded for long periods and the demand for tools on the black market remains high, the risk of manual workers having their cars broken into and tools stolen increases their insurance premium dramatically.

But there are other times when vehicles may be left unguarded.

Bar staff, cooks and casino staff all work unsociable hours, often having to leave their cars out of eye-line of security equipment to make way for punters.

Said punters can also turn up the heat for croupiers. It’s not beyond the realms of possibility for a casino customer to have lost his shirt on the black jack table and to then go and blame the croupier or their car.

This will also have an effect on the croupier’s premium.

Job titles can actually save money given the right circumstances

If you run a public house, you could be better off if you put your occupation down as landlord rather than publican. Again, it’s the same job but perceptions for the two are very different.

That difference is exaggerated further when it comes top media presenters.

If you were to state that your were a TV broadcaster, your insurance premium would be in the region of £775 (Oct 2010).

Change that role to TV and Radio broadcaster and the premium drops by almost a ton, to £684.

It’s always worthwhile, when looking for online car insurance quotes, to enter the two or three variations of your job title to see which works out cheapest. Why not try it now?

Are you a bricklayer who classes yourself as a builder? It may save you a few bob by entering bricklayer as the risks associated with general builder may well be higher than those for a brickie.

Each insurer has their own bespoke tables, so we can’t promise. But it costs nothing to try using an online form, so see how much you could save by becoming a landlord for the day rather than a publican.

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