MPs finally doing something about high car insurance rates


If you’re tired of waiting for MPs to actually get up and do something about the rampant car insurance rates we’re all paying, I have some good news for you.

In fact, it looks like the Transport Committee has finally decided to launch some investigations into the source of our maddeningly high motor car insurance premiums, specifically by looking into ways to reduce whiplash claims volume in an effort to scale back the costs that car insurance companies incur by paying out on all these injury claims. These whiplash injuries ramp up costs to consumers by around £90 on average on an annual basis, according to industry figures, and the committee will be specifically targeting the wry assertion that Brits have the weakest necks in the entire eurozone, especially since other European countries don’t have nearly as much of a problem as we do here at home in the UK.

However, this isn’t the only possible change brewing in the Government, as there even more things in the works to reduce not just accident volumes but also to make it easier for younger Brits to get behind the wheel without having to pay an arm and a leg. It’s almost impossible to find cheap car insurance for young drivers right now, but some MPs are tossing around the idea that perhaps tightening regulations for younger drivers may reduce their motoring costs somehow.

Some ideas being tossed around include not just making the driving test more rigorous and harder to pass but also making it a requirement to take additional lessons on how to drive safely on motorways in bad weather conditions and after dark before permitting anyone to take a driving test in the first place. Other possible solutions could be as harsh as no longer permitting anyone under the age of 25 from driving at night.

This last idea seems to be a bad one if you ask me, especially during winter months when night falls quite early and lasts quite long. While it might cut down on the number of accidents that happen during evening hours, the impact it could have on the ability of anyone under 25 to live their lives could be deep indeed, especially for anyone trying to keep a job that may occasionally or even habitually require them to work late!

Could you imagine the run-up to the Christmas season if there was a ban on under-25s driving after nightfall? Not only would there be a serious problem in younger Brits completing their shopping for the festive season but this could prove disastrous to any shops looking to use temporary staff to accommodate Christmas shoppers, especially since younger Brits tend to take on the temporary work to supplement their incomes during the festive season.

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