Mr Bean ends up with massive motor car insurance claim


Your days of complaining about high car insurance rates are over: Mr Bean and Blackadder star Rowan Atkinson pranged his supercar to the tune of £900,000!

Car insurance companies have had to shell out for all sorts of claims, both spurious and legitimate over the years, but Mr Atkinson’s recently resolved claim absolutely takes the cake. Widely considered to be a record-breaker in the UK, the nearly £1 million claim was necessary to repair the damage suffered to his incredibly expensive supercar, a McLaren F1, which is as rare as it is valuable.

The Backadder star had gotten himself into a bit of a prang in 2011 near Haddon on the A605, leaving him feeling poorly with an injured shoulder. However, the massive costs for his motor car insurance claim originate from the fact that the McLaren is an incredibly expensive car to repair – and the Classic & Sports Car magazine documented the entire process, with Mr Atkinson’s blessing of course..

The McLaren F1 is an incredibly high-perfrmance motor, experts say, as many of the components are constructed from carbon fibre. You can’t simply hammer out a few dents and then buff out any remaining damage when you’re dealing with carbon fibre bodies; it’s an expensive and time-consuming repair job, and with supercars such as Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and the McLaren making extensive use of the construction material, it’s a massive undertaking to effect repairs.

Of course, there are other costs to consider when repairing a McLaren. The high-performance car uses other rare and expensive materials as well, one example being the amount of gold used in the engine bay, a substance that was chosen because of its excellent properties as a heat conductor.

You may think that Mr Atkinson may be a bit spoiled, what with his incredibly expensive supercar that he probably only drives once or twice a year, but you couldn’t be more wrong, according to the magazine article. In fact, he says that there’s no reason to leave a fantastic motor such as that in the garage most of the year, and he has a reputation for using his McLaren all the time since he purchased it some 15 years ago – a philosophy that has earned the actor quite a bit of praise from motor enthusiasts.

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