AA releases new smartphone app that could save drivers cash


A major UK motoring organisation has recently released a new smartphone app designed to give drivers real-time motoring feedback that may save them money.

The new Driverscore app, available for Apple iOS devices currently with an Android version currently in the works, was launched by the AA and functions as a telematics device, recording driver behaviour behind the wheel such as whether they’re traveling at a safe speed or whether they take corners or brake in a safe and responsible manner before scoring the driver at the end.

The app also functions as a risk assessment device by keeping track of what time of day a motorist drives, as driving at night is less safe than during daylight hours. In the end, the AA Driverscore app provides motorists a rating, giving them an idea of how much they would save on their motor car insurance if they were to purchase a telematics-based policy from the motoring organisation.

The AA, which has begun to offer the ‘pay as you drive’ insurance as an alternative to traditional policies with their sky-high car insurance rates, says that younger motorists could benefit quite a bit from adopting a telematics-based approach to their car cover. Cheap car insurance for young drivers is nearly nonexistent in the UK from car insurance companies offering conventional cover due to the statistical likelihood of younger motorists getting into dangerous accidents, but telematics cover rewards responsible driving by slashing insurance costs for anyone who can demonstrate that the’re safe behind the wheel, said AA Insurance’s director, Simon Douglas.

Young drivers now have an opportunity to prove that they can buck the trend and give the lie to the ‘boy racer’ stereotype by choosing a telematics-based insurance policy, Mr Douglas added. The new Driverscore app can provide these young drivers with the evidence they need that a telematics policy will benefit them before switching providers, the director also said, pointing out that the smartphone app is quite easy to use.

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