New report says wildlife-related accidents on the rise


The number of car insurance claims related to accidents involving wildlife are on the rise, according to one recently released industry report.

The motor car insurance division of the AA has discovered that drivers seem to be getting into more accidents – and making more claims against their insurance – than they have in the past. The motoring organisation found that one particularly odd incident involved a squirrel ‘dropping in’ on a motorist when it fell into a convertible car, shocking the female driver so badly that she careered right into a tree, resulting in damage to the car totaling ¬£5,500.

However, it’s just not those cute little tree rats that are causing trouble for drivers and their car insurance companies, as the AA found more than 110 cases of animal strikes between October and November 2012. ¬†November was a particularly bad month, with three badgers, five foxes, 11 dogs, and 30 deer were all involved in accidents of varying seriousness.

Most of the time it’s not domestic animals and wayward pets that cause heightened animal strike cases, the AA said. The main problem is from rarer, larger creatures with a lower exposure to traffic conditions, and with the deer mating season occurring this time every year, early morning and dusk is incredibly dangerous as the roads can become plagued with lusty deer that have nothing on their minds besides the propagation of their species and not looking both ways before crossing the road – as anyone who has ever had that ‘deer in the headlights’ moment behind the wheel of their own vehicle can attest to!

It doesn’t help that with the shorter daylight hours, drivers are commuting in darkness more and more as we creep ever closer to the longest night of the year. Visibility is down, making it more difficult for drivers to spot these hapless woodland creatures until it’s too late to avoid them all too often.

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