Young women scramble ahead of Gender Directive deadline


The mad dash has officially begun, as insurers prepare for the onslaught of female drivers facing car insurance rate hikes thanks to an EU court gender ruling.

The cat is out of the bag this week as the EU Gender Directive deadline looms ever closer. It’s now less than a month before car insurance companies will be banned from using gender differences in determining car insurance rates, even in the face of statistical evidence that women – especially young women – are much safer drivers than young men of the same general age. As a result , from 21 December all new and renewed motor car insurance policies will be ‘normalised,’ and to make a long story short industry experts predict young women will experience rate hikes as high as 25 per cent, all due to an effort to ‘end gender discrimination.’

Car insurance comparison sites say this could translate to a difference of as much as £300 on the insurance costs for a the average female driver between the ages of 18 and 24. For many young women that just passed their driving tests, this could be even more pronounced and possibly in the thousands of pounds, forcing many of these young women right off the road.

One independent study found that 13 per cent of female survey respondents said that rate hikes of any kind would preclude them from affording their insurance. Furthermore, one out of every ten respondents indicated that such an increase would make it too expensive to keep their vehicles, leaving them no choice but to sell their vehicles.

Male drivers, on the other hand, will experience rate decreases of around 10 per cent in some cases, despite the fact that young men have earned a reputation for being reckless behind the wheel in comparison to young women. However, the European Courts of Justice care not for things such as common sense and rational thought, choosing instead to reward bad behaviour and penalise careful drivers.

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