Nurses win big when it comes to inexpensive car cover


This week, new research revealed that there are certain careers that will make it cheaper for you to get car cover – and nurses are at the top of the heap.

A car insurance comparison website recently discovered that reflexologists, guest house owners, and nurses all get the best car insurance rates in the UK, based on 16 million motor car insurance quotes analyzed by the comparison site. Not only that, but the site also found that the worst careers in regards to insurance quotes included theme park employees, footballers, and motor racing drivers.

State registered nurses, on average, only pay around £255 a year for their car insurance, the website found. Owners of guest houses were almost as well off, with an average annual price of £264, while reflexologists pay around £273 a year for their insurance cover.

At the other end of the spectrum, motor racing drivers were found to pay the absolute most when they secure car cover at an eye watering £1,591 per annum. Footballers, who have perhaps earned a deserved poor motoring record, based on how many times you see footballers in prangs in the news, pay a slightly less £1,554 a year, whee employee of funfairs, who decidedly earn nothing near as much as their other perceived poor drivers, end up paying around £1,326 on average.

In general, the research found that jobs that carry lower risk receive better insurance quotes. Pensioners were found to pay the least, with only £253 annually, according to the report, while unemployed drivers are asked to pay an average of £773 annually.

The online car insurance site’s expert, Pete Harrison, commented on the findings, remarking that car insurance companies calculate risk in several different ways, including an individual’s career.

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