Network adds new broker to expand its range of cover

One major commercial insurance broker has finally acknowledged the concerns of its members by adding a new commercial van insurance broker.

One of the largest commercial insurance broker networks in the UK, Cobra previously had no van insurance brokers associated with it – something that members were quite concerned about. Cobra received a fat wad of signed petitions from its members, claiming they were losing business by not being able to offer van owners insurance cover, prompting the organisation to enlist the help of Autonet Insurance to fill the gap in their offerings, and will come as a relief that prospective customers no longer need to be turned away when it comes to securing van insurance.

Much like personal car insurance cover, commercial van insurance is compulsory for anyone who owns a van, whether it be a sole trader or the owner of a whole fleet of vehicles. Being caught out by the police without proper cover in place can be catastrophic, as you can end up being slapped with massive fixed penalties, earn points on your licence, or even end up having your vehicle seized and destroyed if you’ve been a repeat offender.

It’s also much harder to obtain insurance after the fact than it is to simply secure the proper cover from the start. Insurers take a very dim view of companies or individuals driving without insurance, and many will charge you quite high premium prices if you have such an offence on your record – that is, if they don’t simply decline to even offer you a quote in the first place.

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