New telematics smartphone app begins trials

If you’re looking to save money on your motor car insurance but can’t afford the initial investment of a telematics device, one insurer has an app for that.

‘Black box’ telematics technology is an excellent way for safe drivers to save big on their car insurance rates, as car insurance companies that support the technology can see which of their customers have been driving responsibly. These safe drivers are given discounted rates in exchange for their good motoring habits, but many drivers have found it hard to reconcile the possible savings with the up-front costs of having a telematics device fitted under their vehicle’s bonnet.

However, a new smartphone app developed by insurer Aviva is entering trials. The Android app allows a driver to simply download it to their smartphone in lieu of having to fork over as much as £100 extra for a specialised telematics device.

This isn’t the first time Aviva has tried their hand at telematics. However, this is the first time they have done away with the old black box and decided to go the smartphone app route, a move which could prove quite popular with lower income earners.

Younger drivers are quite likely to gravitate to such a trial, especially because cheap car insurance for young drivers is so hard to find in the current economy. With the new app possibly resulting in as much as 20 per cent in savings, it’s practically a no-brainer; if Aviva decides to continue the new telematics programme it could prove to be quite popular indeed.

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