Save cash on your premium by adding a spouse while you can

While the new anti-discrimination law going into effect in December of this year will put an end to it, putting your wife on your policy could save you as much as £502, research says.

One leading car insurance comparison site discovered that female motorists can reduce the motor car insurance premiums for their husbands by more than half if they’re listed on the policy as an additional regular driver.  However, with the ruling from the European Courts of Justice banning gender-based differences in car insurance rates going into effect from 21 December, male motorists will have to act fast.

The latest motor car insurance price index from the comparison site found that male drivers pay around £954 a year for comprehensive cover if they’re they solitary name listed on the policy. However, prices go down simply by adding a spouse, as the average costs for a married couple is only £452.

This can be a valuable tool for younger male drivers, who typically get the short end of the stick when it comes to premium pricing.  Male drivers between the ages of 21 and 25 pay an eye-watering average of £1,763 a year for cover, according to the comparison site’s research, but adding a spouse to a policy can drop this figure by a significant 29 per cent, saving around £506 and dropping the price to an average of £1,257.

Older male motorists can benefit as well.  While men between 56 and 60 years of age typically only pay £385 for a year of comprehensive cover, they can stand to save an average of £106 by adding their wives, provided they drive regularly.

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