Check your policy terms before taking your car abroad

One major motor car insurance provider has warned that you need to check the terms on f your policy before you take your car abroad in order to avoid any nasty surprises.

73 per cent of Brits traveling abroad in foreign countries have been in situations that had the potential for danger, according to a new research study from Aviva, one of the largest car insurance companies in the UK. Researchers said that with such a high percentage of drivers possibly running into serious problems, ensuring that your policy includes cover for driving in Europe is key.

Each country in the eurozone has different motoring rules, and Brits can easily be caught unawares, causing problems or even road traffic accidents that could lead to a British holidaymaker being involved in an incident that would require them to make a claim against their insurance cover. The research study found that 16 per cent of those surveyed admitted to driving on the wrong side of the road while on holiday, while 5 per cent have had involvement in some sort of accident as well.

Aviva’s senior motor underwriter, Nigel Bartram, commented on the research study’s findings, remaking that motorists need to ensure they have the proper cover they need whenever driving on foreign roads that are accompanied by unfamiliar rules. Drivers need to make careful plans beforehand when it comes to motoring in other European countries, Mr Bartram added, stating that while it’s true that any time someone gets behind the wheel there are motoring hazards, being taken by surprise by ones that you are unfamiliar with is a good way to end up in an accident.

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