Hailstorm in Leicestershire could lead to higher rates

Car insurance companies say that drivers that were caught out by a hailstorm in Leicestershire could see their cars damaged so severely that their vehicles could end up written off completely – undoubtedly leading to higher car insurance rates for these motorists in the future.

Not half an hour had gone by after the recent hailstorm when the AA reported receiving nearly 30 claims for damage done to cars by golf ball-sized hailstones raining down from the sky. The storm, which lasted around ten minutes, left cars with extensive damage raining from ruined windscreens to being covered in dimples.

In addition to the AA, other insurers have also received a substantial number of claims on both motor and home policies as a result of the hailstorm. One such insurer, Esure, remarked that it experienced a substantial spike in claims shortly after the lunchtime hailstorm, though reports were continuing to come in throughout the day, with more policy holders returning home from work to discover damage sustained to cars parked outside or  to the outsides of their homes.

Windows have been smashed and cars have been left with sizable dents, one esure spokesman, Adrian Webb, said, adding that none of the insurer’s claims handlers or underwriters have had much experience with such widespread hailstorm-related damage. Mr Webb assured policyholders that they would be compensated for damage caused by the hailstorm.

One of the largest insurers in the UK, Admiral, also reported a high number of claims. Policyholders reported many instances of damages, with the most common being broken windscreens, an Admiral representative said, adding that the insurer had received approximately 50 claims every hour shortly after the storm passed.

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