Stop back-seat driving, you’re costing me £9 million!

Nobody likes being subjected to a back-seat driver, but now a car insurance comparison site says that motorists distracted by someone constantly offering ‘helpful advice’ end up having to pay in excess of £9 million worth of damage over a lifetime of driving.

It’s expensive enough to keep a car on the road without getting into accidents as a result of being distracted by someone chattering on in the back seat. Budgets are so tight that many are putting off their MoT as long as possible in order to save a few pounds, though motoring experts try to discourage such activity; still, with as many as two out of three drivers recounting how they’ve experienced the distracting intervention of back-seat drivers, motoring costs are inching ever higher.

Nearly one out of four motorists admitted to being in accidents due to distraction, with the end result of having to pay out as much as £500 to repair any damages done over the course of their lives behind the wheel. The survey indicated that two-thirds of female motorists and 7 out of every 10 drivers over the age of 55 have been victims of back-seat drivers, according to the online car insurance comparison site’s survey.

The research study also found that the least patient of passengers were delivery men, train drivers, and bus drivers. The best back-seat drivers were teachers, who hardly ever interfered with a motorist’s ability to concentrate on the road ahead, with loved ones being much more disruptive than work colleagues.

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