1 in 10 putting off MoT test to save money

Belts have been tightening across the UK for months and months now, but some drivers have been going above and beyond to save some cash – new reports have emerged that one out of every 10 drivers is putting off their MoT test until it’s past due.

A car insurance comparison site recently surveyed around 1,000 British motorists only to discover around 16 per cent of them are cutting back on costs by putting off much-needed maintenance on their vehicles. This figure grows to 20 per cent when only taking into account younger drivers between the ages of 18 and 24 – a class of motorists that has been plagued with almost criminally expensive car insurance rates for years.

More than half of those surveyed said they had concerns about having to spend cash to mend faults in the wake of a vehicle inspection. One out of ten also indicated that they had switched to third party motor car insurance instead of a fully comprehensive policy in an attempt to save money.

One industry expert, Matt Tumbridge, commented on the survey findings, stating that drivers have been hit massively hard by rocketing insurance costs, petrol prices, and other costs associated with keeping their cars on the road. his has led many to struggle to find the cash to pay for any repairs their vehicles may need and also be able to pay their insurance premiums as well, Mr Tumbridge added.

Drivers are quite responsible in general, experts say, but many have been forced in between a rock and a hard place with shrinking budgets and other economic realities such as jobs losses looming on the horizon.  As a result, drivers have to be incredibly careful with what little cash they have, especially as motoring costs continue to rise unabated.

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