Make sure you’re prepared before driving abroad this summer

It’s nothing new to drive abroad during the summer months – around 10 million Brits are already preparing to do so, according to some estimates – but industry experts warn that you need to prepare yourself before venturing out in order to eliminate the possibilities of taking unneeded risks with local motoring laws.

One motor car insurance provider, AXA, recently found that nearly one out of every three motorists planning on motoring abroad over the coming months don’t plan to take any steps to prepare themselves in regards to their motoring knowledge.  This means that millions of drivers will either purposely or accidentally break motoring laws whilst traveling this summer.

AXA’s research discovered that more than 25 per cent of survey respondents were not as concerned about exceeding speed limits whilst abroad than they are while on UK motorways.  Meanwhile, a distressing 18 per cent felt that they don’t need to worry about drink driving as much while not on British soil, a puzzling 7 per cent reported not being as likely to use their seat belts, and an absolutely maddening 4 per cent indicated that it would be likelier that they would use their mobiles whilst behind the wheel in a foreign country.

You’re playing with fire if you don’t take the time to at least learn the kinds of road signs mean in the area you’ll be driving in, experts say.  Moreover, you need to have a GB sticker – and even though nearly one half of the survey respondents weren’t aware, it actually is a requirement.

Moreover, make sure that your insurance policy covers you for driving abroad.  Not every insurer extends cover to you if you drive out of the UK, so check with your provider before you set off on your travels to avoid a sticky situation.

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