Nearly 50% of drivers take fewer trips due to motoring costs

Nearly 50 per cent of the nation’s drivers are taking fewer trips by car as motoring costs continue to rise, according to a recently conducted survey, which also revealed that more than one out of every ten may be trying to squeak by with nothing but vapours in their fuel tanks.

The Post Office’s motor car insurance division conducted the research study, discovering that 46 per cent of the nearly 2,500 drivers surveyed reported cutting back the time they spend on the road due to increased fuel costs.  31 per cent indicated that the amount of fuel they are purchasing has been scaled back, while 27 per cent admitted to not driving as fast as they have in the past in an effort to improve their fuel efficiency.

The top concern for motorists is the rising cost of fuel, the insurer discovered.  Rising car insurance rates were also seen as a major contributor when it came to anxiety about keeping a car on the road.

The Post Office’s insurance head, Gerry Barrett, remarked that a vehicle is a major lifeline for many motorists, as they rely on being able to use their car on a daily basis.  More than 400 trips are made on an annual basis by the average driver in the UK, Mr Barrett added, stating that the 52 per cent jump in fuel prices over the past half a decade has left no one particularly surprised that drivers are demonstrating more and more worry when it comes to the costs of keeping a car in the current economy.

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