Check the fine print before purchase, insurance experts say

Insurance experts say that you need to take pains to check all the fine print before purchasing a new insurance policy, especially since the number of car insurance companies competing for your custom has grown by leaps and bounds in the current economic landscape.

Finding the best car insurance to suit your needs can be more than a bit bothersome due to the sales tactics insurers will employ in order to entice you to take out annual cover with them.  There’s no insurer out there that doesn’t claim that they can get you the best car insurance rates or the most inexpensive deals, and while you may be satisfied at first with your premium price, you may be in for a bit of a shock after reading the fine print and finding that you’re subject to a veritable deluge of charges and fees in addition to your ‘final’ quote.

It is for this reason that insurance experts have urged motorists to always and without fail check each and every term and condition to an insurance policy before agreeing to one.  These terms and conditions nearly always appear at the end of your insurance documents in literal fine print, a tactic deliberately employed by insurers to encourage drivers enticed by low quotes to overlook the myriad fees and surcharges.

Many drivers have signed their new policies and paid for their cover, only to discover that they actually have no cover at all until the first of next month, regardless of the day and date you actually put pen to paper.  While this is uncommon, it is certainly not unheard of, so check with your possible new provider to get clarification – you may need to delay signing until the first of the month, if not look for an alternative provider that will offer you cover from the date you sign the contract.

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