Don’t be afraid to haggle over premium price, expert says

While you may feel reticent about doing so, haggling over the price of your motor car insurance premium can result in positive results, according to one insurance industry expert.

The Institute for Advanced Motoring’s director of policy and research, Neil Greig, recently commented on the positive aspects of contacting your insurer and trying to talk them down on your renewal quote.  Mr Greig also added that even if you’re unsuccessful in striking a better bargain with your current provider, taking the time to shop around for the best car insurance deals can save you money as well.

The cost of keeping a car is approaching eye-watering levels once again, due to an unfortunate combination of both massively high petrol and diesel fuel prices and an utter lack of discount car insurance options for the majority of motorists.  This has led insurance experts to urge consumers to make savings in whatever way they’re able to – and if haggling with your current insurer can cut your car insurance rates, you’d be foolish to turn away what could be extra money in your wallet.

There are actually one or two fool-proof ways to reduce your premium quotes, Mr Greig said, such as reducing your annual mileage or increasing your voluntary excess.  Taking the IAM test can also help control your motoring costs, the director added, going on to note that motorists with a clean driving record have the highest likelihood of picking up the most competitive new deals.

The rationale behind this, experts say, is that insurance providers have begun to focus on raising rates for those convicted of speeding and mobile phone use offences.  Many insurers have begun to actively decline to offer cover to those it feels are too high a risk to insure after even one conviction.

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