Minor changes to motoring habits can save you big

Industry experts say that making only a few minor changes to your motoring habits can result in saving as much as 29.5 per cent on the fuel-related driving costs.

With petrol and diesel prices at the pump on a seemingly unending spiral upward, the majority of drivers in the UK would go to great lengths to reduce the amount of cash they find themselves spending at the garage.  An average driver could save approximately £570 on an annual basis by changing just a few things, according to motor car insurance expert Admiral.

One of the largest car insurance companies in the UK recently partnered with Global Action Plan and motoring journalist Quentin Willson in order to determine how driving smarter can save drivers nearly 30 per cent in fuel costs.  Simple changes, such as keeping your windows closed whilst on the motorway, may seem minor on their own, but altogether can lead to lowered fuel consumption, which in turn leads to less stops at the garage.

The research found that, even if you can’t find cheaper car insurance, you can still cut your motoring costs by simply taking a few important steps.  Keeping your car’s tyres inflated to their proper pressure can shave as much as 3 per cent off the cost of fuel, and servicing your engine on a regular basis can see a 4 per cent savings and making sure your fuel filters are kept clean can net an additional 2 percentage points.

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