Comparison site launches new mobile phone service

A major car insurance comparison site recently announced it will be launching a new mobile phone service designed to deliver an online car insurance quote directly to your phone, experts say.

The new QuickQuote service makes looking for online car insurance even more quick and painless than it already is.  Looking for quotes on a comparison site can take a few minutes, which is ideal for when you’re at home or at the office, but if you’re out and about, you may not have that sort of time or access – instead, you can use the new service by simply texting your vehicle’s registration number to the service and you will receive a quote in seconds flat.

The service is available to any customers who have already registered on and used the comparison site, and requires nothing more besides texting the number plate of the vehicle that is in need of insurance.  A quote will be furnished to you in just a few moments, allowing you to go about your business uninterrupted, and will only cost £1 for every text you send.

The comparison site’s marketing director, Mike Hoban, commented on the new technology, stating that motorists can sometimes find the time they need to spend seeking a new price quote for their insurance to be a deterrent, which can lead to many drivers missing out on the best deals by simply automatically renewing their annual cover with their current provider.  However, through the use of the mobile phone, drivers can get a price quote on the fly, the marketing director pointed out, which speeds up the process and can lead to saving quite a bit on motoring costs as well.

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