Telematics comes to Northern Ireland

The Randalstown branch of one car insurance broker based in Northern Ireland has announced it will be introducing telematics technology to its customers in an effort to reduce their insurance costs, experts say.

Family-owned broker, Kerr Group Insurance, made the announcement that it will be bringing the satnav-based tech to NI in an effort to halt the rise of massive premium pricing within the region.  Customers who opt for the cover agree to have a ‘black box’ telematics device fitted to their vehicles that will monitor their driving habits, including relative speed, acceleration, cornering habits, and what time of day they drive, all before sending the information on to the insurer for analysis – and hopefully a reward for driving safely.

The new tech has been touted as a godsend for younger drivers, especially in light of the traditionally high insurance premiums first time motorists between the ages of 17 and 24 are charged.  Car insurance companies have been reticent to insure young drivers because they are traditionally seen as reckless and inexperienced, but telematics-based technology offers these new motorists the opportunity to prove they can act responsibly behind the wheel, earning them discounted insurance premiums in return.

The Kerr Group’s branch manager for Randalstown, Jonathan Stewart, commented on the new announcement, stating that the broker’s 12 month pilot program has been a successful one, and with prices for younger drivers continually going up, the new tech being made available to the rest of Kerr Group’s customers comes not a moment too soon.

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