Mum moves 100 yards, refused motor car insurance

One mother from Oldham discovered, much to her chagrin, that she was no longer eligible for motor car insurance after moving just 100 yards from her home, as her insurer informed her that she had moved to a ‘crime hotspot.’

Car insurance companies have grown notorious for changing customers’ car insurance rates for even the most minimal of changes to their personal circumstances, but 35 year old Clare Blackwell’s story is unique in that she moved just ten doors down from her former domicile, yet Tesco Insurance, her provider, told her her new address was too high-risk an area for them to offer her cover. ¬† Ms Blackwell’s postcode changed by one single letter after she moved down Thompson Lane, Chadderton, yet she was confronted with the ‘absolutely ridiculous’ result of being told that she was being dropped by Tesco upon ringing them up to give them her change of address.

The incredulous mother of one was told that her postcode was too high-risk, and that Tesco would be cancelling her policy, even in light of her spotless driving record Рwhich included nine years of no-claims bonus.  While Ms Blackwell had an expectation of her insurance premium price for her Peugeot 307 to increase, she was utterly taken aback that moving just 100 yards down the road would result with her insurer dropping her like a hot rock.

The incensed mum has since found an alternate insurance provider, even though Tesco had turned an abrupt about-face and offered her an additional six months of cover after Ms Blackwell’s story was picked up by the Manchester Evening News.

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