No discount car insurance for women in Manchester

Thanks to increases made to the car insurance rates paid by women in order to comply with new regulations from the European Court of Justice, the ability to find discount car insurance for women is in danger of extinction, new research says.

The new EU legislative measures go into effect from December 21 of this year affecting women throughout the eurozone, as car insurance companies will no longer be able to take the gender of a given motorist into account when it comes to calculating premiums through statistical analysis.  EU judges ruled that the practice was a violation of anti-discrimination regulations because men were being charged much higher premium prices than women.

Sheila’s Wheels and esure spokeswoman, Asia Yasir, commented on the new premium increases, stating that the price increases in the name of equality is unfair because there is statistical evidence that women are lower-risk drivers than men.  In an industry designed both by men and for men, the spokeswoman said, she found it disappointing but not altogether surprising that the insurance sector is penalising an entire class of customers for being careful drivers.

The price of insurance for women between the ages of 21 and 25 living in Manchester increased by 4.7 per cent, according to recently released research findings.  Unfortunately, older female motorists living in the same region have experienced even higher price increases, as the female over-65 crowd has experienced 9.7 per cent premium hikes.

Many local businesses in Manchester have expressed concerns that the sudden spike in premium costs may play a ruinous role for the region.  The increases may result in many women-run businesses being unable to trade, such as the Pink Ladies Taxis, a taxi-hire firm run exclusively by women.

Gina Dutton, head of the company, stated that premium pricing for female drivers should reflect their stellar driving record behind the wheel.  Ms Dutton claimed that the hidden rationale behind the decision is to put small businesses like hers out of work.

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