Controversial telematics tech growing in popularity

While some have seen the proliferation of ‘black box’ motor car insurance as the latest way the government is trying to invade the privacy of Brits and turn the UK into a surveillance state, telematics-based technology is growing in popularity despite its controversial nature.

Telematics insurance has come to be proven as a strategy for reducing the car insurance rates paid by careful drivers, even though many have seen the satnav-based technology nothing but another step towards letting ‘Big Brother’ watch your every move. ┬áDespite people’s misgivings, the ability to gain access to discount car insurance is quite hard to ignore, leading most industry experts to predict that the majority of drivers in the UK will switch to the new tech.

Recently conducted research has uncovered that more than half of motorists in the UK expect to switch to a telematics-based insurance policy before the next five years is out.  The research study, which evaluated the relationship between motoring habits and insurance, also found that the types of drivers in favour of black-box policies range across all ages, with 59 per cent of those over the age of 55 expecting to switch to the new tech and nearly 1 out of 5 drivers overall considering a telematics policy at their next renewal date.

A resounding 92 per cent of survey respondents indicated that their premiums should be calculated not on where they live or how old they are but how they actually perform behind the wheel.

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