Drivers drawn to low emission vehicles, new report says

Motor car insurance policy holders and vehicle owners are being drawn in increasing numbers to low emission cars, according to a recently released report from a motoring bdy, citing technological advances and rising fuel prices attributing to the decision.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders says that out of all the cars sold last year, 46.8 per cent of them had emissions below 130 grams of CO2 per kilometre, which is a 10.6 per cent increase from 2007 figures.  The SMMT report says that newer  cars are 18 per cent cleaner than used ones on average, with car design improvements resulting in an overall decline of 23 per cent in emissions from 2000.

2011’s new car models were found to be highly efficient in their use of fuel, which is good news to car owners who have been struggling with the costs of keeping their vehicles on the road in the face of high petrol costs and massive increases to their car insurance rates.  Average fuel consumption now sits at 53 miles per gallon, and can be attributed to new breakthroughs in both diesel-powered and petrol-burning motors, with electric and ‘hybrid’ vehicles only accounting for approximately 1.3 per cent of the 2011 motor market.

Average emissions were found to be just over 138 grams per kilometre, well within reach of the European Union’s 2015 deadline of an average of 130g/km or below.  The motoring industry is currently pushing for government incentives for help in achieving this target by that date, with the SMMT lobbying for tax adjustments to be provided to companies investing in cleaner-burning fuel technology and to consumers who purchase the high-efficiency vehicles.

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