Diesel-powered cars steal 50% market share

Recently conducted research by a group of motoring organisations and car insurance companies have discovered that while petrol-powered vehicles have long dominated the motor market, increasingly efficient diesel engines have driven cars powered by the technology to steal a 50 per cent market share for the first time ever.

The price of keeping a car in the UK has been rocketing skyward over the past few years, with the ability to find moderately-priced fuel about as rare as finding discount car insurance.  Diesel fuel is usually more expensive to petrol down at the local garage, but motors that run on diesel have become more fuel efficient to the point where the heightened cost pays for itself through longer ranges and more miles per gallon, leading to diesel-powered vehicles having to fill up less often.

The last 12 months have seen sales of vehicles powered by petrol decline by 15 per cent.  Meanwhile, diesel vehicle sales have increased by 35 per cent over the course of the last year, and in instances of a vehicle having both a diesel version and a petrol version available, diesel-powered models are outselling as high as eight times better than their petrol counterparts, research says.

The market shift has led motor manufacturers to change their behaviour, as output increases to keep up with heightened demand.  Car manufacturers have also increased their diesel technology research and development, as investments in the areas of minimising the less attractive features of diesel-fueled vehicles, such as decreased performance and increased noise pollution, have begun to pay off quite well.


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