Mother victimised by scammers after staged accident

An accident staged by criminals in order to defraud car insurance companies has resulted in a 29 year old mother from Tandridge becoming victimised, discount car insurance experts recently reported.

On 27 March, trainee psychotherapist Grace Standley, of Tandridge Lane, had been driving to meet friends at approximately 7 pm that evening when the incident took place.  As she was driving along the A25 just outside Tandridge, the mother of one repored that she spotted two vehicles begin to weave in between the lanes just ahead of her before falling into single file and slamming on their brakes, nearly causing Ms Standley to run into the car ahead of her because its brake lights weren’t working.

However, the two cars then tried again after another few moments, with the end result being that the 29 year old mother could not brake in time to avoid a collision.  Recounting the tale, she found it odd that the second car had simply veered off down an exit upon her colliding with the first, and while she expressed her desire to the driver and passenger of the car she struck that she wanted to call the police, she was told by the two that it would be unnecessary since there had been no injuries; they simply exchanged motor car insurance details and went their separate ways.

After returning home, she reported the crash, only to be told by email a few weeks following that the passenger of the car she struck was making an insurance claim for whiplash-related injuries.  Not only that, but the driver had alleged that his vehicle had been wrecked in the accident, even though that was not the case.

These type of staged accidents, often called ‘induced’ crashes, are on the increase, according to one insurance expert.  Much more insidious than accidents perpetrated by a pair of criminals in cahoots with each other, induced accidents involve third parties that are innocent of any wrongdoing but are targeted nonetheless.

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