Potholes ravaged UK roads this winter

The winter weather has ravaged roads across the UK, leading to a record number of potholes that could end up causing the kinds of damage to vehicles that could necessitate a motor car insurance claim, the Department for Transport warned.

Anticipating the damage potholes could cause to cars over the coming warmer months, industry experts have urged motorists to ensure their discount car insurance policies offer cover for pothole-related damage.  If you think you’re paying too much, or if you don’t have the amount of cover you desire, you should take the time to get a new quote from a car insurance comparison site in order to prepare yourself, experts added.

The Coalition government has proposed a solution to the massive problem, with new reports emerging that a new Highways Maintenance Efficiency Programme could be launched with a budget of £6 million in order to bring the fight to the nation’s roadways in an effort to eliminate the pothole menace. Meanwhile, industry experts have come forward with tips on avoiding sustaining damage to your car in the face of a veritable minefield of potholes.

Take pains to avoid driving directly over potholes whenever possible, as meeting one head-on can easily result in flat tyres in an instant, experts warn.  Moreover, watch your speed when encountering a road dotted with potholes, as driving too quickly could expose the suspension system and shock absorbers of your car to damage that could be highly expensive to repair.

Keep your tyres filled, and keep an eye on tyre pressure, as soft tyres can rip easily after sudden impacts.  Also, puddles can be quite deceiving, as what may just look like a wet spot could be concealing a massive, damaging pothole instead, so be extra cautious on rainy days.

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