Nearly 60% of drivers involved in near misses

Recently revealed research findings indicate that nearly 60 per cent of motorists have narrowly avoided having to make expensive motor car insurance claims by being involved in near misses thanks to distracted and unobservant users of the road.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists, which conducted the study, discovered that the number of drivers cut up by motorists last year who neglected to properly look before manoeuvring was nearly three out of five.  The encounters have come to be known as ‘Sorry Mate, I Didn’t See You’ events by motoring organisations and car insurance companies alike.

One of the most common causes of road traffic accidents is neglecting to check a car’s surroundings properly, with the lack of concentration attributing to 36 per cent of minor prangs and 29 per cent of more serious accidents, industry experts say.  Even a minor accident can cause an insurer to raise a motorist’s car insurance rates, making it incredibly important for motorists to gain a better awareness of other users of the road, it has been said, with motorbikes, cyclists, and other cars all needing to be spotted in order to avoid an accident.

Simon Best, chief executive of IAM, commented on the findings, stating that these new ‘Sorry, Mate’ incidents are occurring far too often.  Not only that, but there are nowhere near enough motorists prepared to step up and take responsibility for the role they play in the events, instead insisting on the fault lying with the other party instead of simply being more aware of the fact that they share the road with others.

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