Think your car insurance is enough to cover your caravan?

Many Brits who own caravans may think that their motor car insurance offers enough protection in the event of having to make a claim, yet the temptation to not bother with taking out separate cover should be resisted, according to a recently conducted research study.

There are no legal requirements to have separate caravan insurance in the UK, unlike the laws put in place that make it compulsory to have at least discount car insurance in place for your vehicle or risk steep fines and even the seizure of your car.  This has led many caravan owners to discount the need for separate cover in an effort to save some cash, but one provider of direct car insurance recently reported that only one per cent of all the claims it receives for damage sustained by caravans would be covered by a standard insurance policy.

Caravans are not covered under a standard motor policy.  This means that the only cover provided for caravans is for damage or injuries sustained by a third party, and this leaves the lion’s share of claims handled by the company denied unless the owner took out a separate policy just for their caravan in particular.

The insurer, which also offers specialised caravan insurance, issued a statement warning motorists involved in road accidents that were their fault whilst towing caravans, that any damage done to their own caravan would not be covered in any way, shape or form.  What this means is that any damage to or thefts from your caravan would only be covered in the event you took out a specific policy expressly for that purpose, leading the insurer to urge caravan owners to take out cover to prevent expensive repairs.

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