Most vandalised motor in UK an everyday car

While most Brits would assume the most vandalised car in the UK would be a flash, expensive motor, recent research from a provider of discount car insurance quotes has revealed that it’s an everyday car most likely to be the target of vandals and not a luxury model.

The direct car insurance provider discovered that the little Fiat 500 was targeted the most by vandals during the 2011-2012 tax year, resulting in a 3.62 per cent vandalism rate as measured by the number of claims.  The other most often models included the more pricey BMW Z24, which was found to be in danger of being vandalised 2.97 per cent of the time, followed by the sporty Peugeot 207 at a rate of 2.39 per cent – and the vehicle with the lowest chance of being vandalised was the Ford Focus, as the UK’s current best-seller was only vandalised 0.58 per cent of the time, according to the motor car insurance provider’s research findings.

However, the vandalism figures were different once viewed not by individual models but by brands.  Porsches were the most vandalised last year overall at 3.46 per cent of the time.  The next three brands lagged behind Porsches by a significant amount, with BMWs, Land Rovers, and Saabs all rounding out the top four with a nearly identical  1.63 per cent, 1.65 per cent, and 1.68 per cent respectively.

The insurance provider’s chief claims officer, Robin Reames, commented on the findings, remarking that the analysis demonstrates that those Brits that own everyday vehicles should not feel that they are immune from being targeted by vandals, even though luxury cars still have a higher likelihood of suffering vandalism-related damage.

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