Two kilos of drugs found in routine motor car insurance check

Two kilogrammes of class A drugs may have been found as the result of  routine motor car insurance check on a vehicle in Tottenham recently, law enforcement personnel recently revealed.

A recent traffic stop occurring in Willoughby Lane was made after officers were alerted by an automatic number plate reader that one driver could be driving without first taking out direct car insurance from an insurance provider before getting behind the wheel.  Police officials conducted a search of the inside of the vehicle, uncovering a smaller amount of the illegal substance before then conducting a search at the address of the 41 year old male driver, whose name has yet to be released to the public.

Upon the conclusion of the search at the man’s property, additional quantities of the substance were discovered.  Thought to be a Class A drug, law enforcement personnel are having a formal analysis performed upon the substance before conclusive identification can be made.

The driver that had been stopped was taken into custody on suspicion of Class A drugs possession with intent to supply.  He was also found to have been driving without a licence in addition to not having valid insurance, and also faces charges for the motoring offence as well.

The 41 year old man has since been bailed out of imprisonment and was released until later in June, when the substance’s analysis will be complete, law enforcement experts reported.  Even if the substance is found to be a benign one, the driver could still face stiff penalties for being behind the wheel of a car illegally.

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