Keep both hands on the wheel, insurer says

One direct car insurance provider has recently warned motorists to keep both hands on the wheel, after research recently commissioned by the provider of discount car insurance quotes found that drivers keeping only one hand on the wheel have a higher likelihood of being involved in an accident.

The motor car insurance provider commissioned a research panel from the University of Leeds to investigate the causes of accidents, only to discover that two million British drivers have been involved in a crash while they did not have both hands upon the wheel.  Having one of your arms free proved distracting for many a motorist while behind the wheel, according to the research specialists’ findings.

The team, which used a driving simulator to gather data, discovered that reaction times of the average driver lengthened by 44 per cent in instances that they were eating while driving.  Reaction times were likewise slowed when people took a moment to sip a drink whilst behind the wheel.

Two hands are much better than just one on the wheel, when it comes to keeping your insurance costs down, insurance experts say.  With so many drivers struggling with high motoring costs such as rising petrol prices and increasing car insurance rates, taking risks behind the wheel that could lead to expensive accidents should be avoided at all costs, experts also said.

Don’t make the mistake of failing to plan your car journeys properly before stepping into the car, the risk and underwriting of the insurance provider, Mike Pickard, said.  Make sure you have something to eat before getting behind the wheel, Mr Pickard urged, adding that you should also plan to take breaks regularly in order to manage any cravings whilst on the road.

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