Top tips for reducing annual motor car insurance premiums

In today’s uncertain economic landscape, car insurance rates keep creeping upward, but there are many ways to actually reduce your annual motor car insurance premiums, according to insurance experts.

The average car comes with a raft of necessary evils when you buy one, as you’re not only suddenly a slave to the price of petrol if you want to keep using your car but you also have to find at least discount car insurance in order to drive about without breaking the law.  However, the cost of both insurance and fuel seem to be constantly fluctuating, with the trend being that prices tend to be higher than they were the day before, and sometimes seemingly without rhyme or reason.

Insurance premiums have increased by around 72 per cent from 2002 through 2010, according to the AA.  While that rate has slowed, the motoring organisation and insurance provider’s director, Simon Douglas, states that the likelihood of increased premiums throughout 2012 remains high.

However, there are steps drivers can take in order to find ways to make their annual cover less expensive.  One top tip is to never assume your insurer has your best interests in mind when it comes to renewal time – the lion’s share of insurance providers will not give their existing customers a competitive quote in the hopes that apathy will make people simply automatically renew without shopping around.

There’s no such thing as rewarding a loyal customer in the insurance industry, experts say, so getting that idea out of your mind now will allow you to find better deals than otherwise.  The trick behind finding cheaper cover is simply to tirelessly compare rates from leading insurers until you find the best deal for you, as not only does every insurer offer different levels of cover for around the same price but also uses different risk assessment schemes as well.

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