Have stress-free family trips – plan ahead

Motor car insurance experts have come forward with tips for harried families looking to take long car journeys without stressing out and having it be a miserable experience for everyone, as even the most patient parent or well-behaved child can have a bad day on an extended car trip.

One of the best things you can do is to make sure you have roadside assistance included in your discount car insurance policy.  If you’re not covered under your current policy, you may wish to consider purchasing membership in a roadside assistance plan or consulting with one of the many different car insurance companies that offer the option, as there are few things worse to restless kids and frustrated parents alike than being stranded at a service station or at the roadside for hours on end, and unless you have the good fortune to break down alongside a park,  make sure you keep items in the car such as crayons and colouring books for younger children to keep occupied with until help arrives.

Even on long journeys that don’t involve breakdowns or other catastrophes, many children aren’t satisfied with spending a few hours in the backseat reading.  If this is the case, you may want to consider investing in a portable DVD player, as it can keep the attention of more than one child at a time, provided everyone agrees on what to watch – and for those who prefer more interactive entertainment, portable games such as the PS Vita or the Nintendo 3DS are always a good way to keep children occupied, but make sure the batteries are fully charged on these game system before leaving on a three-hour road trip!

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